Two men defrauded of HK9.3 million in casino VIP room investment scam

A 51-year-old Macau businessman has been arrested for defrauding a total of HK$ 9.3 million from a local driver and a mainland businessman from bogus casino VIP room investment. The arrested man, surnamed Chu, duped the two victims by asking them to invest in a Cotai casino VIP room which he claimed was owned by him when in truth he was merely a junket agent under the VIP room, according to the Judiciary Police.

The first victim, a driver from Macau, transferred a total of HK$8.1 million to several bank accounts in mainland China provided by Chu in July last year when he was promised “high interest returns” in Chu’s casino VIP room. But he was later told that the VIP room was shut down and he only got HK$500,000 back.

The second victim, a businessman from mainland China, gave 650,000 yuan to Chu in late December last year to invest in the VIP room and soon received 90,000 yuan in interest. He then gave another 1 million yuan to Chu and never heard from him again.

The two victims reported the scam to the police separately but Chu was found to have fled to mainland China back in February. Chu was arrested on Monday at the Gongbei Border Checkpoint on his way back to Macau. He had denied all allegations and the case is under investigation.