Online gambling website allegedly uses unauthorised images of Hong Kong movie stars to promote products

An online gambling website “B9”, which caters to the Chinese diaspora in Malaysia and Singapore, has allegedly used unauthorised images of award-winning Hong Kong actors, Jacky Chan and Nick Cheung Ka Fai, to promote its products, according to a tip-off by an Allin media’s reader from Malaysia. Allin Media has written an email to the management agencies of the two actors to inquire about the incident but has yet to receive their reply.

The advertisement in question was spotted on YouTube earlier by the reader, who found it unusual for actors of such high status to be brand ambassadors for online gambling since the activity is outlawed in mainland China. Allin Media later found out that the images of the two actors used in the advertisement and on the official website of “B9” were in fact images of the actors that were cropped out from promotional materials for two video games in mainland China. On the gambling website, the images and names of Jacky Chan and Nick Cheung are blatantly used to promote its products.

The mainland Chinese authorities have doubled efforts in the crackdown of online gambling over the past year. Many online gambling operators have found it hard to attract mainland Chinese customers and thus are trying to solicit Chinese living in Southeast Asian countries.

Allin Media has alerted the management agencies of the two actors to the incident but has yet to receive a reply from them.