Only gaming operators and junkets to be allowed to grant credits under new law

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The Macau government has proposed a new bill on gaming credits, which stipulates that gaming promoters must have a formal contract with casino operators before they can grant gaming credits to anyone.

The new bill was announced on Friday (21 April) during a press conference hosted by the Executive Council. It is scheduled to be presented to the Legislative Assembly for voting, and if passed into law, it would replace the current gaming credit law – Law No. 5/2004.

The new bill has also proposed that so-called management companies –entities permitted to run “satellite” casino venues under a concessionaire licence – will not be allowed to grant any gaming credit or perform any related legal acts.

During the Friday press conference, the Spokesperson of the Executive Council and Secretary for Administration and Justice, Mr André Cheong Weng Chon, also revealed that the legislative plan for this year had included a full amendment to the law on illegal gambling and the draft amendment would be submitted to the Legislative Assembly for review in due course.