Gaming operators should help cultivate sports and culture talent, says top official

六博企要培養澳門體育文化藝術人才 歐陽瑜:賭牌合同有寫

The Macau government requires gaming companies to invest in the development of 11 non-gaming elements, including attracting international visitors, convention and exhibition, entertainment and performance, sports events, culture and art, and health and wellness.

This comment was made by Macau’s Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Ms Ao Ieong U, during a plenary meeting of the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday (18 April). The top official added that the Macau government’s contracts with the six gaming companies also include a training program for local talents, involving sports, culture, art, culture and creative industries, as well as the film and television industry. She also revealed that some gaming companies also intended to participate in the revitalization of old districts.

Ms Ao Ieong said that gaming companies need to cultivate local sports talents and cooperate with the art industry and the cultural and creative industry to support the production of the film and television industry. She also pointed out that the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau has signed an agreement with the six gaming firms to provide training opportunities for Macau citizens.