Suspect of MGM double homicide arrested in mainland China

The man who killed two women in a hotel room at MGM Cotai earlier this month has been arrested by mainland police after fleeing Macau, according to a statement by the Macau Judiciary Police announced on Tuesday (17 May).

The suspect Zhao Yulong, who is from Heilongjiang Province in north-eastern China, was caught by local police near a mountain range in Hunan Province on Tuesday morning following a tipoff by local residents.

According to the Macau Judiciary Police, Zhao arrived in Macau on 29 April and had since stayed at several hotels under different names.

On 5 May, he allegedly lured a woman who was a black market money changer to his hotel room at MGM Cotai at around 9pm and killed the woman after snatching HK$600,000 from her. He then took the cash to a nearby casino to gamble and lost every penny.

Zhao lured another woman, who was believed to be a sex worker, back to his hotel room at MGM in the early hours of 6 May and allegedly killed her as well. He then fled Macau on the same day via the Gongbei Border.

The double homicide was uncovered by hotel cleaning staff on 6 May and a manhunt followed.

The suspect was quickly identified by mainland police and cash rewards were offered for any tipoff.

On the morning of 17 May, Zhao was finally apprehended in a remote village near a mountain range in Human Province during a massive operation involving more than 700 police officers.

The Macau Judiciary Police is now under discussions with its mainland counterpart regarding the possible transfer of the suspect.