MGM croupier mistakes HK$10,000 chip for HK$1 million chip; blunder only uncovered when gambler wins HK$8 million in baccarat

A card dealer working at MGM Macau’s casino has mistaken a gambler’s HK$10,000 chip for a HK$1 million chip when the latter was given 10 chips with the face value of HK$100,000 each as he intended to break his HK$10,000 chip into smaller chips, Allin Media has learned from informed sources.

The mix-up happened last month. It was only discovered when the gambler won HK$8 million in a game of “Super 6” baccarat using four of the ten HK$100,000 chips which he exchanged for his HK$10,000 chip.

It is unclear whether the gambler was aware of the croupier’s mix-up at the gaming table. But neither the casino’s floor supervisor nor camera surveillance technicians spotted the error during the “Super 6” game.

Allin Media has learned that MGM Macau has talked with the gambler, who is from mainland China, to try to reach a deal regarding the chip mix-up.

An email has been sent to MGM Macau to ask for comments on this blunder and inquire whether the casino has paid out the HK$8 million winnings to the mainland gambler, but no reply was received at the time of publication of this article.