SJM’s satellite casinos rake in winnings of MOP570 million in February, with Landmark topping the list for two months in a row

The 14 satellite casinos saw their winnings increase to MOP570 million, in February. (Allin photo)

The 14 satellite casinos operated under the gaming licence of SJM saw their winnings increase by 6%, to MOP570 million, in February; Landmark Casino remained the top earner for the second month in a row, taking in winnings of more than MOP94 million in the previous month.

Among SJM’s satellites, Casino Fortuna came in second in terms of winnings, raking in about MOP70 million in February while Legend Palace Casino came in third with MOP42 million. At the bottom of the list was Oriental Casino with total winnings of MOP130 thousand.

The poor performance of Oriental Casino has put pressure on its owner. According to the draft amendment to Macau’s gaming law, a gross revenue floor will be set for all gaming tables and machines in future. If a gaming table or machine fails to meet the minimum gross revenue set by the government for two consecutive years, the table or machine will be revoked.

The draft amendment also proposes that satellite casinos can still exist under the new regulatory system, but they will each be given a three-year grace period to tie the ownership of their gaming premises to any of the six concessionaires.

Meanwhile the three satellite casinos operated under the licence of Galaxy Entertainment saw steady growth in their winnings in the past month. Rio Casino was the top earner, raking in more than MOP39 million.