Beijing turns up the heat on overseas online gambling operators

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has announced a multi-pronged approach to combat online gambling, including crackdowns on overseas online gambling operators, gambling websites and smart applications as well as embedded online adverts or links related to online gambling.

In a meeting aimed at addressing the issue of online gambling in the Chinese mainland, the CAC on Monday called for relevant departments and all Internet content providers in the nation to rally behind the campaign to root out online gambling. The CAC described online gambling as a serious threat to the nation’s economic security and social stability.

The CAC vowed that it would spare no effort to combat the problem. Special attention will be given to the tackling of online gambling promotion via embedded ads or links on popular livestreaming websites, dating websites and social media websites. Any Internet content provider that is found to contain promotional materials related to online gambling will face harsh penalties.

Meanwhile the supervision of Internet service providers will also be strengthened to prevent them from offering web hosting or cloud computing services for online gambling operators.