Legislative Assembly to hold closed door meeting on casino licence bidding on 17 May

As the current casino concessions will expire in one year’s time, the Macau government is finally going to solicit lawmakers’ opinions on the conditions of new casino licences by hosting a closed door meeting at the Legislative Assembly on 17 May.

According to a notice on the Legislative Assembly, the Follow-up Committee on Land Affairs and Public Concessions will discuss matters related to the gaming concessions next Monday. Relevant government officials and the 10 members of the follow-up committee will take part in the meeting. The follow-up committee is currently chaired by directly elected lawmaker Lei Cheng-I.

In general, all meetings of the Legislative Assembly’s follow-up committees are not open to the public. Their members will only give journalists a summary of the issues discussed after the meetings.

All the six gaming concessionaires in Macau will see their contracts expire in 2022. Although the tender process for the new concessions has been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Macau government has been tight-lipped about any new development in the matter. With just one year to go, it remains unknown whether new licences will be awarded or the current licences will be simply renewed.