Several dealers summon to question involving in election activities Macau CCAC: No comment

The election of the 7th legislative assembly in Macau will be held on September 12. Although the registration has not yet begun, some people have taken the lead in expressing their willingness to participate. It remains to be seen how many teams will compete in the gaming industry. In the election, there have been many cases where dealers were asked to vote in a certain group but the cases involving unfair elections eventually disappeared. According to information received by Allin, several dealers of one of the gaming operators were summoned by the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) for questioning, suspected to be related to election activities. When CCAC responded to Allin’s enquiry, it said “No comment.”

According to sources, several dealers were summoned by CCAC for questioning and each questioning time was at least two hours. The content was suspected to be related to the election of the Macau Legislative Assembly. It reflects that CCAC in Macau paid more attention to the situation of election activities earlier than before.

Allin asked CCAC about this and they simply replied “No comment,” but did not deny it directly.