Fraudulent website steals company name and logo of Paradise Entertainment for internet scam

Paradise Entertainment Limited (1180) has issued a public disclaimer stating that a fraudulent website has used the company’s logo and other information to claim that it was the online lottery gaming platform operated by Paradise Entertainment and licensed by a lottery regulatory authority in Hong Kong. The company clarified that it “does not operate any gaming operations online”.

The statement also revealed that the name and photo of the company’s Chairman and Managing Director, Jay Chun, had been stolen to open a fake account on the mainland China-based social media platform QQ to solicit people to open accounts in the above-mentioned fraudulent website,, for alleged investment purposes.

Mr Chun has never set up or authorised any person to set up a QQ account to provide any investment advice or recommendation, the statement noted.

Paradise Entertainment said it shall not be liable for any claims or acts made by the fraudulent website and QQ account. It advised those who may have disclosed their personal information to or conducted any financial transactions through the phony website and QQ account to report to their local police.