Academics urge the government to speed up approval of new casino games and facilities

Local gaming experts and academics have urged the Macau government to speed up the approval of new casino games and facilities as the gaming sector is trying to offer more innovative games to cope with increasing global competition.

During a seminar on gaming development recently hosted by the Macau Polytechnic Institute’s Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies, more than 70 academics and industry experts gathered to discuss technological innovations in the gaming industry.

In addressing the seminar, the Director of the Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies, Wang Changbin, pointed out that while Macau had seen the opening of many new casino properties in the last two decades, local land resources were now in short supply and therefore gaming companies should focus more on the innovations of games and facilities.

Jay Chun, Chairman of Paradise Entertainment Limited, shared his expertise on hybrid live games with the gathering. He believed that by encouraging the manufacture and export of gaming equipment and non-gaming electronic games, Macau’s industrial structure would be able to move toward high technology, thereby promoting economic diversification.

Meanwhile MGM’s Senior Vice President for Gaming Business Operations and Marketing Strategy, Tian Han, shared the company’s experience in the introduction of the innovative RFID smart gaming tables. He noted that although innovations came with risks, they could eventually lead to increased competitiveness and economic benefits.

Other topics discussed at the seminar included the trend of convergence between casino gaming and electronic games; the challenge of developing new casino games; the regulator’s attempt to prevent electronic games from turning into gambling; and the prevention and treatment of gaming addiction. Participants included officials from the Tourism Office and Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau as well as representatives from the six local casino operators.