Debtor illegally confined and beaten up by loan-sharks after gambling loss

A mainland gambler has been illegally confined for about one week and beaten up by loan-sharks after losing in casinos MOP 200,000 that he borrowed from the loan-sharks. The victim was rescued by the police last week after receiving a call for help from the victim’s friends.

Two of the men involved in the case have been arrested for loan-sharking, illegal confinement and assault; both men are from mainland China.

According to the Macao Judiciary Police, the male gambler arrived in Macau late last month and lost all his money in a casino located on the Macao peninsula. He then borrowed MOP 100,000 from a loan-sharking ring to gamble again. According to the loan agreement, the debtor’s identity documents had to be forfeited by the loan-sharks and for every win at the baccarat card game, the debtor had to give 20 percent of the bet amount to the loan-sharks as rebates.

At first the man was in a winning streak and was able to recoup all his losses, repaying his loan and giving the loan-sharks MOP 80,000 in rebates. But he did not stop there and continued to gamble, eventually losing all his money one more time. He then approached the loan-sharks to borrow another MOP 100,000, which he lost again on the gaming table.

The gambler was taken to an apartment in central Macau on 26 February after he failed to repay his loan. He was illegally confined in the apartment and beaten up by the loan-sharks. A video of the man being beaten was sent to his friends to threaten them to repay the loan on his behalf. The man’s friend called the Macau police for help and he was rescued on 4 March.

The police are searching for three other men connected to the case.