Lawrence Ho: Hong Kong and Macau can play the role of “super-connector” to help mainland China break into the global market

Lawrence Ho Yau Lung, Chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd. (200) as well as a deputy to the national committee of the 13th CPPCC, has put forward a proposal during the annual meeting of the CPPCC recently held in Beijing, urging Hong Kong and Macau to play to their advantage of a super-connector to help mainland China break into the international market. The gaming entrepreneur also urged the two special administrative regions to enhance the impact of their own brands to form a new mode of consumption, thereby facilitating mainland China’s dual economic cycle.

According to Ho, Hong Kong and Macau must leverage on the development of the Greater Bay Area in Guangdong to seek new opportunities and further integrate into the national development. He believed that it was important to build brands that were unique to Hong Kong and Macau and to make use of the advantages of industrial concentration in the Greater Bay Area. He proposed, for example, that Macau could develop itself as a hub for e-sport.

Ho also pointed out that as the global Covid-19 pandemic had caused mainland China’s high-end consumption to stay in the domestic market, the local consumer market in the mainland would become a new growth point for Hong Kong and Macau enterprises. He called for a deeper integration of tourism products and cultural characteristics in the two cities, and the creation of new consumption service and supply chains for Hong Kong and Macau-branded products.