Police officer arrested for leaking confidential information to loan-sharking syndicate

A chief criminal investigator under the Judiciary Police was arrested on 1 March for leaking confidential police information to a loan-sharking syndicate. The syndicate, which was connected to a triad society, was busted two years ago, and two other police officers have also been arrested earlier for leaking confidential information to this syndicate.

The loan-sharking syndicate was smashed in February 2019; a total of 71 people connected to the gang, including its leader and major members, were arrested in the police operation.

According to police investigation, the syndicate has been active for nearly three years and has made over 108 million patacas in loans to gamblers. The illicit profits gained from these loans are estimated to be over 32 million Hong Kong dollars. This syndicate, like many others that are connected to triad societies, is highly organised and its members have to follow draconian house rules.

The criminal investigator arrested on Monday is suspected of leaking confidential information related to anti-crime operations to the above-mentioned syndicate on several occasions between January 2017 and December 2018 to help the syndicate avert police investigation. The arrested officer is 50 years old and has reached the time requirement for retirement. He is charged with abuse of power and breach of confidentiality.

Two other rogue cops were arrested on the same charges in June and September 2019.

The Judiciary Police said it was saddened by the arrest of one more officer in the loan-sharking case, but it reaffirmed its commitment to zero tolerance of wrongdoing in the police force. It also pledged to thoroughly investigate any kind of alleged offences in the police force.