Mainland businessman arrested for illegally entering Macau to gamble, female casino PR helps him rent hotel room for nearly a year

A mainland businessman, who is a gambling addict, has been arrested for illegally entering Macau. The 45-year-old businessman has been banned from entering Macau for three years after he was repatriated back to mainland China on charges of overstaying in January last year.

However, the man entered Macau again in March last year by illegal means via the sea in order to gamble.

He contacted a casino PR whom he met in Macau before for assistance. This casino PR took the risk because she wanted to keep this high-roller and helped him rent a hotel room for nearly a year under her own name. Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested the man and woman involved in the case a few days ago and the case is currently under investigation.

The arrested mainland businessman, surnamed Chen, now faces charges of unlawful entry, false declarations and the use of other people’s documents; the female casino PR, surnamed Lam, faces charges of providing illegal shelter to others.

According to the Judiciary Police, the arrested used to visit Macau frequently for gambling purposes until he was repatriated.

The police received tip-off earlier that there were illegal immigrants staying in a Taipa hotel.

The man was arrested near the hotel on February 25.