Suncity denies rumours that it is closing VIP rooms and laying off staff

Suncity, the leading junket operator in Macau, has denied rumours that the firm is planning to close down some of its VIP gaming rooms and make staff layoffs.

Macau’s VIP gaming market has suffered a double whammy in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the mainland Chinese government’s tightened restrictions on its citizens gambling in other jurisdictions. Therefore many rumours about closures of VIP rooms and staff layoffs are circulating in the industry.

Many junket operators have been affected by these rumours. Even the leading player, Suncity, is rumoured to be planning to close its VIP rooms at Galaxy Phase II, Rio Hotel , L’Arc Hotel and Four Seasons.

In response to Allin’s inquiry, Suncity stated that the information circulating on the Internet was not accurate. It emphasized that the firm had no plan for staff layoffs.

However, Suncity told Allin that the firm would be making some strategic personnel adjustments to prepare for the opening of new VIP rooms at the Londoners and the Grand Lisboa Palace in a bid to better control operating costs.

It added that the relevant adjustments were still in the planning stage and would be announced in due course, but reaffirmed that it had no plan for staff layoffs.